I know that this is late but this is the month that we’re on. When the sun goes down the Athenian month of Maimakterion begins. This is the only Athenian month that is really short. Here they are.

October 31: Nourmia
November 1: Agathos Daemon
November 2: Honoring Athena
November 3: Honoring Aphrodite, Hermes, Hercules, Eros
November 5:Honoring Artemis
November 6: Honoring Apollo
November 7: Honoring Poseidon and Theseus
November 10: Pompaia: festival in honor of Zeus Meilikhios (‘Kindly’) and Hermes.
November 12: (Daytime) Libations to Ares.
November 14: Full Moon (Honoring Artemis, Selene, and Hecate)
November 16:  Maimakteria – festival for Zeus Maimaktes (‘Blustering’) to be gentle come winter.
November 29: Hena Kai Nea (New Moon, Honoring Hecate)

Have a good month.