Delphic Maxims #1: Follow God

Now this doesn’t mean follow a single god. And for those out there that think that it does, I’m going to roll my eyes at this. Anyone that gets that, from this, has issues with Christianity that they need to get help for. One blogger says that translates roughly “follow/honor that which is godly” Of course I would like to add that he wasn’t exactly a fan of the rough translation. Another reminder that he really needs to get some help because he’s got church issues.

The ancients didn’t really care if you didn’t like the words that Apollon had written. They were there for a purpose. They weren’t there to make you feel comfortable or happy. The purpose of following the gods was to understand what they wanted. And Apollon was a god that you worked hard to understand. So what does this mean?

All around us we have people that follow themselves. That self-indulge in things that are bad. They don’t follow anything that the gods would of condoned and believe that they don’t need the gods help. They attack anything, and anyone, that might have some wisdom. So when it’s said ‘to follow/honor that which is godly’ it means follow things that the gods would want you to follow and honor. Don’t dishonor yourself because you won’t like the consequences of what happens.

I’ll see you next Monday for another Maxims.