Yesterday people went to the polls to vote for who they believe should be president and Trump won. There are many articles, most of them bad, that explain why Hillary lost. The people were tired of the establishment, people wanted something different, people couldn’t get over what she had done, and on and on. I believe in Fate, as a Hellenic Polytheist, I believe that each person is destined to do something. We can’t change things, we can’t alter that person’s fate, but we can hope that the person will be good.

I didn’t vote for Trump, or Clinton, I voted for Johnson. I voted using my wisdom and accepted the results. Of course, Chaos loves to come around and there are plenty of people, mostly college students, that don’t like the idea that Trump won. And how do they show that they don’t like that he won, that they can’t take it that the people, others that voted, gave him enough votes to win the states that he did, they burn things, destroy people’s property, and show that they’re generally annoying!

I just shake my head at the chants ‘he’s not my president.’ I hate to break your heart but he’s your President. He will be representing the people of America in far off places and around others that have to take English lessons in order to do their job. Remember that in four years we will be doing this all over again. Maybe, maybe, things will change and the Democrats will win, but we’ll see. I trust the Fates and I trust the American people.