So this is the third Delphic Maxims and one that I find very easy to follow. Worship the gods! It’s as simple as that but sometimes not that simple. When I talk about worship I talk about connecting to the gods and giving them their due. When you have someone that comes into any form of paganism, that has had worship thrown at them, it can be hard to worship the gods.

Sometimes they feel that their just going back to how they were force to be. That’s why, I think, that honoring or even working with the gods is sometimes used in place of worship. However this is a false thinking and one that doesn’t connect you to them. If you use your Christian, or any religion, baggage to come up with an excuse as to not worshiping the gods. After they have been denied that right for nearly 2,000 years their going to get your attention real quick.

Worship, to me, is a beautiful thing. It can connect us to something far deeper than ourselves. You see I don’t have Christian baggage and I’m glad that I don’t. But a lot of people do and it shows in their devotional work as well as their work period. Worshiping the gods is vital part of Hellenism and one that can’t be overlooked. Apollon intends us to battle through our own baggage so that we’re free to honor the gods.