So this is the fourth Delphic Maxims and it’s one that’s pretty straightforward. Respect your parents! Over and over again I see this in the form of children that don’t follow this advice and parents that allow their children to say whatever they want. Respecting your parents is something that’s missing from society. You don’t get what you want, you bash your parents on Youtube. Your parents don’t allow you to do something, you bash them on Youtube and social media and suddenly their the bad guys.

Your parents don’t allow you to dress a certain way, you bash them on the internet. As a Polytheist respecting my parent and understanding that I can’t do whatever I want has made me a well rounded person. Every time I come to the defense of parents and mention that children must respect them I get attacked. There is no such thing as agreeing that parents deserve respect due to the fact that they are the parents and the mother spent hours in labor to give birth to that person.

Example: If a parent doesn’t allow a child to have hormone therapy, call them by their preferred pronoun, or allow them to change their name they get blasted on Youtube and the internet and painted as the bad guy. People support their clear disrespect of their parents, calling them a bigot.The child reads how they support the disrespect and it feeds their feeling of self. No respect for the parent, nothing! As Hellenists we have to instill that our children must respect their parents if they are to gain the respect of the gods.

That’s just how it is.