Tonight, when the sun goes down, I will be honoring Agathos Daemon. I honor him every month and I thank him for the blessings that he’s given to us. The fact that we have food and the fact that he’s been very active in my life and in my household. Agathos Daemon is known as the good god and he is the one that gives the household luck. You give him an offering of every meal that you have, along side Hestia.

I’ve been making a point to do this for him, if I’m out eating, to put a portion of the meal in a baggie to take home. I’m pretty sure that I’m getting strange looks. The thing that one must understand about Agathos Daemon is that it’s on Daemon per house. So when I move I will install a new Agathos Daemon for the house. Have a good one and may your month be blessed.