So this post is going to be about Petitioning. What exactly is it? Petitioning is when you pray to the gods for something in the form of a petition. There’s always something involved, like a promise that you’ll do something in return for that god to help you. The downfall of a follower of the gods is when they expect that god to do this certain thing and then get angry when it doesn’t happen the way that they want.

This is what happened when a Roman Polytheist expected the gods to keep Trump from winning and he won. She got mad when the gods didn’t do what she wanted and decided that doing a ritual wasn’t worth it, that they didn’t deserve that honor. Petitioning isn’t the same as magic. You usually give something to that god, like incense, so that they consider granting your petition. The gods don’t have to grant it if they don’t want to and that’s just how it goes.

Getting mad when your petition wasn’t granted shows the gods that you’re a special snowflake that gets mad when things don’t go your way. Therefore they are less likely to grant your request in the future. The gods don’t like whiny people.