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In Greek mythology, the goddess Pandia[pronunciation?] (Greek: Πανδία) or Pandeia (Πανδεία), meaning “all brightness”,[1] was a daughter of Zeus and the goddess Selene, the Greek personification of the moon.[2] From the Homeric Hymn to Selene, we have: “Once the Son of Cronos [Zeus] was joined with her [Selene] in love; and she conceived and bare a daughter Pandia, exceeding lovely amongst the deathless gods.”[3] An Athenian tradition made Pandia the wife of Antiochus, the eponymous hero of Antiochis, one of the ten Athenian tribes (phylai).[4]

Originally Pandia may have been an epithet of Selene,[5] but by at least the time of the late Homeric Hymn, Pandia had become a daughter of Zeus and Selene. Pandia (or Pandia Selene) may have personified the full moon,[6] and an Athenian festival, called the Pandia, probably held for Zeus,[7] was perhaps celebrated on the full-moon and may have been connected to her.


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