When the sun goes down it will start the last Athenian holiday of this year. I’m really excited to of made it this far and here’s the list of holidays.

May 26: Nourmea

May 27: Agathos Daemon

May 28: Honor Athena-Arrephōria: Festival honoring Athena-Sacrifices to Kourotrophos, Athēna Polias, Aglauros, Zeus Polieus, Poseidōn, and Pandrosos.

May 29: Honor Aphrodite, Hermes, Heracles, Eros

May 31: Honor Artemis

June 1: Honor Apollon

June 2: Honor Poseidon and Theseus

June 6: Skira: A woman focused festival honoring Demeter

June 8: Bouphonia: Festival honoring Zeus Polieus

June 9: Full Moon (Honor Hecate, Artemis, Selene)

June 10: (Daylight) Libations to Zeus

June 23: Hea Kai Nea (New Moon, Honoring Hecate)


I hope that you all have a good last month and may the gods bless you.