This is the first Athenian Month of the year and here’s the observances and festivals.

June 24: Nourmia

June 25: Agathos Daemon

June 26: Honoring Athena

June 27: Honoring Aphrodite, Hermes, Heracles, Eros

June 29: Honoring Artemis

June 30: Honoring Apollon

July 1: Honoring Poseidon and Theseus

July 5: Kronia

July 8: (Daylight) Libations to Athena

July 9: (Full Moon) Honoring Hecate, Artemis, and Selene/Sunoikia

July 16-23: Panathinaia

July 21: Athena’s birth

July 23: Hea Kai Nea (New Moon, Honoring Hecate)

Enjoy your month.