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This is the ritual for Epidaura, to honor Aesculapius. I hope that you enjoy it and I hope that you have a good ritual.

1: Sprinkle Barley on the altar saying, “With this barley I purify my altar so that I may be able to commune with the gods.

2: Light your candle to Hestia.

3: Welcoming prayer to Hestia, Goddess of the Home, Hearth, and family.

Prayer to Hestia

Hestia, gracious goddess who sits at the heart of each home, who lives in the heart of each one who reveres you, each one who holds you dear, each one who turns to you for strength and harmony.

Hestia, goddess most needful, goddess most serene, goddess most esteemed, the heart of the city is yours as well, great goddess; within your realm are those who serve the state, who work for all the good of all–your blessings fall on the honest, goddess, your wrath on the corrupt, on those who betray their trust for gain. Defender of the householder, guardian of the hearthfire, Hestia, I praise and honor you.

4: Let Asklepios know that your here. Use any kind of opening that you want but do include any offerings and libations that you have given him.

5: To an Evocation to Asklepios

I call to Asklepios, finest of physicians, son of far-shooting Apollo, known as Paean, student of immortal Cheiron, wisest of centaurs, counselor of heroes. In Epidaurus were you well honored; many were the supplicants who prayed to you for healing, many were the cures granted, the petitions answered, the heartfelt thanks received by you, O kindly Asklepios. Throughout the land were you known, did men and women beg your blessing; your altars overflowed with their grateful offerings, your temples sheltered those who sought your favor in dreams. Asklepios, friend of the people, friend of the suffering, soother of pain, healer of ills, restorer of health, good-hearted Asklepios, I call to you.

6: Do a Hymn to Asklepios

Now I begin a song about the Doctor Asclepios, healer of sickness, a son of Apollo-the divine Coronis bore him in the plain of Dotion (she the daughter of King Phlegyes) a great source of joy to mankind: he can charm away awful pains. And so, sir, farewell. I am praying to you with this song.

7: Do a Prayer dedicated to Asklepious

ll praise to skillful Asklepios, son of Apollo and bright Koronis, kind-hearted god, friend of men and women. Your gentle touch eases our pain, oh god, your firm hand guides or restoration; you teach us to live well, to care for ourselves, to seek the wisdom of Hygeia, your beloved daughter, good and knowing goddess who turns the minds of men toward wholesome food and drink, and healthful pursuits.

Nimble-fingered one, quick-witted one, by your might does the broken bone set, the torn flesh mend, the damaged soul heal. With your help do we bear any hurt, do we suffer any malady, do we battle any affliction, with strength of will and with steadfast heart: Asklepios, father of physicians, helper of humanity, I praise you, I honor you, I thank you for your gifts.”

8: For this ritual add this after the prayer. “Oh great Asklepious, son of Apollo, you who were born and had the skills of a healer. You who was punished by Zeus for keeping souls from the Underworld. You who’s father almost went to Tartarus due to your death, I celebrate you on this day of Epidauria. May you continue to grant me (or us) good health. Keep away disease and continue to bless those that help and heal with your abilities and powers.”

8: Burn incense, saying, “I give this offering of incense to you, Asklepious, son of Apollo who helped mankind.”

9: Give a portion of your food to Asklepious, saying, “Accept this offering of food. Asklepious, you who have helped mankind.”

9: Pour Libation to Asklepious, saying, “I pour this libation to you, Asklepious, who have helped mankind and took away pains and disease.”

10: Do your own personal prayer to Asklepious.

11: Finish the ritual by doing a closing prayer to Hestia.

End the ritual by saying, “Hestia, goddess of home and hearth, to you I offer last of all as a pious mortal should. Tend to those whom I love and guard the houses of the pious. As the gods will it, so it shall be.”

It is so!

Dump the entire container that you’ve poured your wine or grape juice into outside and then that ends it.