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This is my ritual for Eleusinia. It’s the same ritual for the Sacrifices to Demeter but I’ve shortened the hymns to Demeter. I hope that you enjoy it.

1: Light candles and purify your altar.

2: Welcoming prayer to Hestia, Goddess of the Home, Hearth, and family.

Prayer to Hestia

Hestia, gracious goddess who sits at the heart of each home, who lives in the heart of each one who reveres you, each one who holds you dear, each one who turns to you for strength and harmony.

Hestia, goddess most needful, goddess most serene, goddess most esteemed, the heart of the city is yours as well, great goddess; within your realm are those who serve the state, who work for all the good of all–your blessings fall on the honest, goddess, your wrath on the corrupt, on those who betray their trust for gain. Defender of the householder, guardian of the hearthfire, Hestia, I praise and honor you.

3: Tell Demeter that your here by saying, “Demeter, Hear me,” this isn’t a commend, this is just telling Demeter that your here. Use her titles (Raging, Earthly One, and Mild), and then tell her why that your here and remind her of things that you have given her.

4: To an Evocation to Demeter

I call to Demeter, great lady of the land, friend of the farmer, sustainer of mankind, daughter of  deep-hearted Rhea and wily Kronos, loving mother of rich-tressed Persephone. In ancient times were you honored by country folk above all others; in all the provinces did men and women pray to you and ask your blessing. Goddess, we see your hand in rows of golden grain, in heavy-fruited trees, in fields of scarlet poppies blooming amongst the barley, in the passing of seasons, in the fury of a  mother wronged. Demeter, lauded in storied Eleusis, mistress of those cherished mysteries and sacred rites, by your might and your compassion do we endure, do we live our lives. Demeter, I call to you.

5: Do a Hymn to Demeter

[1] I begin to sing of rich-haired Demeter, awful goddess —of her and her trim-ankled daughter whom Aidoneus rapt away, given to him by all-seeing Zeus the loud-thunderer. And now, queen of the land of sweet Eleusis and sea-girt Paros and rocky Antron, lady, giver of good gifts, bringer of seasons, queen Deo, be gracious, you and your daughter all beauteous Persephone, and for my song grant me heart-cheering substance. [495] And now I will remember you and another song also.

Fair-haired Demeter, daughter of nimble-footed Rhea, grandchild of deep-hearted Gaia, mother of bright-eyed Persephone: in you, as in them all, is the soul of the earth.

The golden grain is yours, O Demeter, and the heavy fruited trees, the dark rich soil and the seeds that hide within.

Friend of the farmer, friend of all who rely on your goodness and kindness, your gift of growth, your gift of bread, your gift of all our lives.

Demeter, bountiful lady, with each spring’s greening of the land you give us hope; with each rich harvest that hope is answered.

Demeter, good mother, I praise you.

7: Pour Libation to Demeter, saying, “I pour libation to you, goddess Demeter, in honor of the crops that you bring forth from the earth.”

8: Give a portion of your food to Demeter, saying, “I offer this portion of my food to you, goddess Demeter, in honor of the crops that you bring forth from this earth so that I can eat in the first place.”

9: Burn incense to Demeter, saying, “I offer this incense to you, goddess Demeter, as it was given to you in times of old.”

10: Do your own personal prayer to Demeter.

11: Finish the ritual by doing a closing prayer to Hestia.

End the ritual by saying, “Hestia, goddess of home and hearth, to you I offer last of all as a pious mortal should. Tend to those whom I love and guard the houses of the pious. As the gods will it, so it shall be.”

It is so!

Dump the entire container that you’ve poured your wine or grape juice into outside and then that ends it.