Sacrifice to Hēra Thelkhinia

This is from my old blog, The Geekie Hellenist.

This is my ritual for Hera Telkhinia, which is a minor sacrifice to Hera. Telkhinia is considered a misspelling and is most likely connected to Crete. I hope this ritual is something that you enjoy and I hope that Hera watches over you.

1: Light candles and purify your altar.

2: Welcoming prayer to Hestia, Goddess of the Home, Hearth, and family.

Prayer to Hestia

Hestia, gracious goddess who sits at the heart of each home, who lives in the heart of each one who reveres you, each one who holds you dear, each one who turns to you for strength and harmony.

Hestia, goddess most needful, goddess most serene, goddess most esteemed, the heart of the city is yours as well, great goddess; within your realm are those who serve the state, who work for all the good of all–your blessings fall on the honest, goddess, your wrath on the corrupt, on those who betray their trust for gain. Defender of the householder, guardian of the hearthfire, Hestia, I praise and honor you.

3: Tell Hera that your here by saying, “Hera, Hear me,” this isn’t a commend, this is just telling Athena that your here. No titles are given and then tell her why that your here and remind her of things that you have given her.

4: To an Evocation to Hera

I call to Hera, queen of lofty Olympos, dark-eyed goddess, beloved of thundering Zeus, radiant daughter of Kronos and blessed Rhea.

In times of old were you well loved, in Argos and in Samos.

Many are the tales told of you; many are your temples, many are your honors, many are the blessings granted by your goodness.

Wise one, insightful one, you discern and devise the way most fitting to achieve your ends.

Hera, in the clear blue sky we recognize your favor, and in a warm spring rain; in a joyous wedding feast, a constant love, and a harmonious home we know you.

Stately and beautiful goddess, friend of women, friend of marriage, protector of home and family, most lovely and most exalted goddess, I call to you.

5: Do a Hymn to Hera

I sing of golden-throned Hera whom Rhea bare. Queen of the immortals is she, surpassing all in beauty: she is the sister and the wife of loud-thundering Zeus, —the glorious one whom all the blessed throughout high Olympus [5] reverence and honor even as Zeus who delights in thunder.

6: Do a Prayer dedicated to Hera

Deep-eyed Hera, beloved bride of mighty Zeus, mighty goddess, fair of face and silent of step, noble your manner, stately and poised your form, a queenly presence is ever yours, godly in glory, womanly in grace and beauty.

Beloved Hera, patroness of kings and princes, friend of women, of mothers, upholder of marriage, of the right of lovers to join hearts and hands; lavish your gifts, liberal your hand, limitless the blessings you bestow on those you favor.

Hera, the broad sky is yours, and the sweet air we breathe; to you we turn to for harmony and wedded bliss; to you we turn to for strength in the passion and turmoil and hard work of marriage; to you we offer our thanks for a life of love.

Well-crowned Hera, beautiful one, revered one, greatest of goddesses, I praise and honor you.

7: Pour Libation to Hera, saying, “Accept this libation oh Queen of the Gods. May you continue to bless good and lawful unions.”

8: Give a portion of your food to Hera, saying, “Accept this offering of food oh Queen of the Gods. May you continue to bless good and lawful unions.”

9: Burn incense to Hera, saying, “Accept this incense oh Queen of the Gods. May you continue to bless good and lawful unions and punish those that have evil in their hearts.”

10: Do your own personal prayer to Hera.

11: Finish the ritual by doing a closing prayer to Hestia.

End the ritual by saying, “Hestia, goddess of home and hearth, to you I offer last of all as a pious mortal should. Tend to those whom I love and guard the houses of the pious. As the gods will it, so it shall be.”

It is so!

Dump the entire container that you’ve poured your wine or grape juice into outside and then that ends it.