These are prayers to Aphrodite. I got them from ‘In Praise of Olympus: Prayers to the Greek Gods’ by Hearthstone. Hope that you enjoy them.


Aphrodite, glory of Olympos, golden one, incomparable goddess, born of seafoam, borne on the ocean’s waves until you found fair Cyprus’ sandy shore–your beauty by god or mortal unseen, your power over heart and mind unknown, your touch unfelt, your voice unheard.

All things, all life, all men and women incomplete without your presence.

Aphrodite, who sees the truth within us, who gifts us with what we need; beloved Aphrodite, dear one, blessed one, who holds us close, whose gentle persuasions overcome out doubts and fears, whose hand in the world we see in one another, we praise you, we honor you, we delight in your gifts.


2nd Prayer to Aphrodite


Beloved Aphrodite, goddess who grants to us the greatest of joys, the harshest of sorrows, the sharpest of pleasures, the dearest of pains.

Aphrodite, freshest of Olympos’ flowers, your lightest touch can turn the hearts of men towards love; with voice sweet as honey, sweet as wine, you speak words of persuasion, we hear and heed, rapt in wonder.

O Aphrodite, grace and beauty surround you, where you pass, the roses bloom, with sweetest scent and sharpest thorn: with reckless hands we grasp them.

Aphrodite, born of blood in the cold salt sea, born of the fallen sky, goddess whose kindness can be so brutal, who cruelty we cherish, blessed are your children, blessed those your favor, blessed those who have felt your might, blessed those who dwell in your domain.

Aphrodite, honored one, incomparable one, with each breath I praise you.


3rd Prayer to Aphrodite


Golden Aphrodite, fair and fearsome goddess, mighty one whose will it is that the heart leads us where the mind knows not to go; Aphrodite, whose hand it is that guides us to the cliff’s edge, whose voice it that dares us to jump into the dark, whose gift is that love’s reward is worth any risk.

Blessed Aphrodite, many have sought to turn from you, but fire is fire, and feeling is feeling, and neither can be contained by will alone.

Goddess, I think you for moments free of reason, I thank you for the dominion of desire.

Aphrodite, yours is the force of life, yours the call of instinct; goddess whose power it is that leads us to joy or desperation, I praise you for your many gifts, I ask your blessing.