I’m going to be doing prayers to the gods. I’m going to start with the deity’s that I pray to most often and then work from there. I hope that you enjoy them and that they help. I got these prayers from In Praise of Olympus: Prayers to the Greek Gods by Hearthstone.


O shining Apollo, son of lightning-wielding Zeus and blessed Leto, brother of swift-footed Artemis, father of gods and galant heroes; great Apollo, whose sun-bright hair is yet unshorn, whose fair face and well-built  form, ageless and abiding, hold ever the beauty of youth.

Laurel-weathed god, child of Delos, far-shooting one whose shafts fly staight and true, you keep the evil of the world at bay, you deliver mankind from plague and disease, and yet your arrows carry death and well to men, swiftly and suddenly.

Sweet are the songs men sing to laud your name, sweet too the spark of insight, O companion of the excellent Muses.

In Delphi, O Apollo, was your name well spoken, were you well honored with gifts and libations, and you shared the words of father Zeus with men.

Apollo, protector of humanity, brilliant one, I praise and give thanks for your blessings.


2nd Prayer to Apollo

Shining Apollo, bright-haired son of Zeus and tender-hearted Leto who bore you on the shores of free-floating Delos, brother of Artemis of the silver shafts, lover truth who knows what will be, who grants the gifts of foreknowledge to those who seek, patron of the wise Pythia who sits at the center of the world.

Apollo, friend of the lovely Muses, player of sweet songs upon the lyre, healer of plagues, defender against all evil, ever-youthful one whose hands are deft, whose arm is strong, whose bow-string taut and thick looses a rain of arrows, enough to dim the sun.

Fairest of gods, long of lock and smooth of cheek, laurel-crowned one, I thank you for your blessings.


3rd Prayer to Apollo

Shining Apollo, bright-haired son of Zeus, strong of arm and flawless of form, of all the gods none are your equal in beauty or grace.

Apollo, of Leto were you born on well-favored Delos; in Athens and in Sparta and in all the lands were you honored.

To you did men and women offer prayers for health and healing in days of old; to you did the poets call for inspiration, O leader of the lovely Muses. Apollo, driver of all ill and evil from the land, in Delphi were you severed by the faithful Pythia, with whom you shared your prophecies.

Apollo, never has your glory been forgotten; throughout the centuries have artists turn to you for light and vision.

Great god, I praise you and your gifts.