This is the prayer to Asklepios. I got this from the book ‘In Praise of Olympos, Prayers to the Greek Gods by Hearthstone.


All praise to skillful Asklepios, son of Apollo and bright Koronis, kind-hearted god, friend of men and women. Your gentle touch

eases our pain, oh god, your firm hand guides or restoration; you teach us to live well, to care for ourselves, to seek the wisdom of

Hygeia, your beloved daughter, good and knowing goddess who turns the minds of men toward wholesome food and drink, and

healthful pursuits. Nimble-fingered one, quick-witted one, by your might does the broken bone set, the torn flesh mend, the

damaged soul heal. With your help do we bear any hurt, do we suffer any malady, do we battle any affliction, with strength of will

and with steadfast heart: Asklepios, father of physicians, helper of humanity, I praise you, I honor you, I thank you for your gifts.