This is from my old blog, The Geekie Hellenist

Time for another prayer to the gods. This time it’s Athena. I got this from the book ‘In Praise of Olympus: Prayers to the Greek Gods’ by Hearthstone. Hope that you enjoy.

1st Prayer to Athena

Glorious Athena, whose spirit stands so tall and strong in shining cities, whose comfort is sought by great heroes and by those who aspire to greatness, whose courage and cleverness are without equal, gracious Athena, I honor and revere you.

Athena, advisor of kings and queens, granter of wisdom to those with wit to seek it, goddess whose eye is ever fixed on the horizon, goddess who is open to all possibilities, goddess who is aware of all options, goddess who in every game thinks ahead to its every ending.

Athena, mistress of the long view, I call to you to show me what will be, I call to you to guide me through the world’s intricacies.

Athena, steel-eyed goddess, I sing of your might, I praise your name, I thank you for your many gifts.


2nd Prayer to Athena

Steel-eyed Athena, wisest of goddess, daughter of thundering Zeus and Metis of good counsel, patron of great heroes and adventurers, advisor of princes and kings, your favor falls on the bold and the clever, on those who dare and those who tempt the noble Fates.

Athena, weaver of the finest, fairest tapestries, teacher of art and craft to mortal artisans, worker of metals, your soft hands guide the flow of molten ore.

Leader of battles, warrior maid, of tactics and of strategy you know all, of clever trickery and wiles you are the master; with words and wit you may win much, with strength of arm and sharpened sword, at need, you take all contests.

Athena of wisdom, Athena of skills, goddess of the agile mind, for your works I praise you.


3rd Prayer to Athena

Bright-helmed Athena of the steady glaze, mistress of many skills, bearer of much knowledge, ever-insightful one who cherishes reason, who holds wisdom dear.

Athena of the aegis, spear-shaker, holder of the Gorgon shield, war-maid who steps into battle with lightness and grace as if it were dance, the clash of swords ringing like cymbals to your ears.

Athena who rewards the clever and the brave with fair fame, friend of those who face the world with open eyes and guarded heart, for those who make their own luck will find their fortune grows stronger.

Goddess, I praise you in all things.