This is from my old blog, the Geekie Hellenist. Enjoy.

This is a prayer to Eos. I got this prayer from ‘In Praise of Olympus: Prayers to the Greek Gods’ by Hearthstone. I hope this helps those that follow this deity.


Saffron-cloaked Eos, goddess of day’s dawning, in darkness you wake each morn, with rosy fingers you unbar the gates of heaven.

Day-breaker, day-bringer, well-crowned goddess of first light, at ocean’s edge you dwell, with gentle hand you drive your chariot of gold, exultant your heart with pride and joy in the shining-maned steeds that draw it.

Golden-armed Eos, mother of the four winds, mother of the dawn-star, mother of the even-star, glorious is your spirit, beautiful your form, your arrival inspires awe in all who greet the sun.

I praise your beauty and honor your might.