This is from my old blog, the Geekie Hellenist. Enjoy.

These are the three prayers to Eros. I got them from the book ‘In Praise of Olympus: Prayers to the Greek Gods’ by Hearthstone.

1st Prayer to Eros

Eros, bright-winged god, I open my heart to you.

Born of chaos, first out of the void, you entered the world and all became yours.

Child of love and strife, fairest among the deathless gods, dear companion of golden Aphrodite, your power touches us all.

Eros, beautiful one, compelling one, your charm and grace are surpassed by none; your hand is in our lives, so subtle, so plain, so devious and demanding.

The course of love is never smooth, this we all know; creation is a noisy, disorderly thing and harmony is a long, slow process; love too, O Eros, shifts and wavers, balance is fleeting, and two hearts meet, for mere moments only, and yet that is enough.

Eros, raging inspiration of lovers and poets, swift-shooting one whose aim is without flaw, whose prey is forever changed; Eros, who sets alight the desires of men, who overwhelms reason, who conquers all wisdom, whose might renders weak the strong and the steadfast, I praise your name, I thank you for your many gifts.


2nd Prayer to Eros

Eros, ancient one, youthful one, holder of souls, opener of hearts, you give and take with the same spirit, the same fury, the same deft hand.

Eros, child of passion, driving force of the universe, yours is the face of desire, yours the strength of love, in you we see the world as once it was, in you we hear the voice of lovers joined as one.

Eros, child of chaos, brother of sweet harmony, yours is the cord that binds our lives together, yours the scourge that drives us where our bodies lead, in you we find purpose, in you we seek solace.

Eros, in my blood and my tears I know you, in my pulse I feel your might, you call to life above all.

I thank you for your many blessings


3rd Prayer to Eros

Beautiful Eros, ever-young, ever-fair, your eyes, so dark, so ancient, pierce the soul as your golden darts pierce the heart.

Light-hearted god, teacher of harsh lessons, giver of precious gifts, through you do we find our best selves, through you do we show our worst faces; if ever we are good and decent, if ever we are greedy and cruel, it will be for the sake of love and desire.

In your realm, sharp-shafted Eros, do we show ourselves true.

Before you, O Eros, we are all weak, and all strong.