This is from my old blog, the Geekie Hellenist. Enjoy.

These are the three prayers to Hekate, which I got from the book ‘In Praise of Olympus: Prayers to the Greek Gods’ by Hearthstone. I hope that you enjoy them and can use them.


1st Prayer to Hekate

Dark-eyed Hekate, daughter of Asteria, deep-hearted goddess, walker of many roads.

In the dark, in the night, you bring comfort to those who suffer, to those who despair, to those who are powerless, hopeless, defenseless.

At the threshold you stand, immovable, barring all evil, safeguarding the home.

At the crossroads you stand, in that in-between where nothing is certain and nothing is safe.

Along the edges of propriety you go, with steady step and ready wit, to guard and sustain those who do what they must.

In all the worlds you hold a share, on earth and sea and sky, you move with ease among them.

Bearing torches, you light our way at night, you lead us through shadows, you nourish our souls.

Guide of the lost, friend of the friendless, comforter of the bereft, protector of the stranger, the outcast, the forlorn.

Warder of the door and all within, Hekate, I thank you for needful gifts.


2nd prayer to Hekate

World-wandering Hekate, night-loving goddess, dweller in darkness, bearer of torches, between the realms you pass with ease, made welcome in each, made mighty in each.

Whenever we move from one place, one time, one state of being to another, you are there to comfort us.

Whenever we enter or leave this life, you are there to carry us.

Whenever we are in fear or in need, goddess, you are there to sustain us.

Thrice-blessed Hekate, friend of frail and fragile mortals, I honor you.


3rd prayer to Hekate

I call to you, king Hekate, watchful daughter of far-seeing Asteria, torch-bearing goddess, night-wanderer, pale and fair as the moonflower.

Hekate of the thre ways, goddess of the crossroads, keen-eyed one, you see clearly what others overlook.

Hekate of the three realms, goddess who holds a stake in all the worlds, all within are yours to stir.

Gentle of touch and firm of hand, Hekate, leader of the ghostly train, the barking dogs marks your passage, the shining of stars lights your path.

Hekate who is the campanion of those who who walk the bounds of light and dark, I praise and honor you.