This is from my old blog, the Geekie Hellenist. Enjoy.

These are the prayers of Hephaistos. I got them from the book “In Praise of Olympus: Prayers to the Greek Gods” by Hearthstone. Hope that you enjoy them.

1st Prayer to Hephaistos

Resourceful Hephaistos, wise in the ways of metal and stone, deviser of gadgets and useful machines, inventor of contraptions and contrivances, your talent is unequaled among the great gods, your dextrous hands capable of any work.

With ease you take each creation from thought into substance; effortlessly your ideas become real.

Clever are you, Hephaistos, greatest of engineers, and yet an artists’ eye is yours as well.

Beauty comes from your sturdy hands; the deathless gods themselves exclaim at your mastery, the shining jewels and delicate metalcraft, gold and silver worked as fine as spiderwebs, gems cut to glitter like the eyes of a cat.

Hephaistos, craftsman who excels at all manner of good work, patron of smiths and wrights and artisans, I honor you.

2nd prayer to Hephaistos

Strong-armed Hephaistos, maker of miracles, creator of the inconceivable, deviser of of clever machines, from your skillful hands come intricacies undreamt of, gold and jewels to please a goddess.

Artisans and blacksmiths, craftsmen and wrights of every trade, all look to you for insight and revelation, all feel your hand upon their own when in need of inspiration.

Hephaistos, visionary, you see beyond what is practical, beyond was is beautiful.

In your hands molten metal flows like water, takes its form like clay, swift and precise, each work becoming more than what it is, each piece instilled with the spark of the divine.

Deep-hearted god, Hephaistos, I praise you for the gifts you grant us, I praise you for the ideal of artistry.

3rd Prayer to Hephaistos

Hephaistos of the clever hands, the artist’s eye, the craftsman’s care, ingenious Hephaistos who sees what cannot be and brings it into the world, inventive one whose works stir awe and wonder in all who see, whose peerless jewels adorn the throats of goddesses fair and mighty.

Hephaistos, friend of the blacksmith, the sculptor, the wright, friend of all who seek to join the mind’s devises to the work of the hands, granter of skill and vision to those who honor your art, to those who are called to your craft, to those who seek your favor.