This is from my old blog, the Geekie Hellenist. Enjoy.

These are the prayers to Hera. I hope that you like them and that you can use them.


1st Prayer to Hera

Deep-eyed Hera, beloved bride of mighty Zeus, mighty goddess, fair of face and silent of step, noble your manner, stately and poised your form, a queenly presence is ever yours, godly in glory, womanly in grace and beauty.

Beloved Hera, patroness of kings and princes, friend of women, of mothers, upholder of marriage, of the right of lovers to join hearts and hands; lavish your gifts, liberal your hand, limitless the blessings you bestow on those you favor.

Hera, the broad sky is yours, and the sweet air we breathe; to you we turn to for harmony and wedded bliss; to you we turn to for strength in the passion and turmoil and hard work of marriage; to you we offer our thanks for a life of love.

Well-crowned Hera, beautiful one, revered one, greatest of goddesses, I praise and honor you.


2nd Prayer to Hera

Hera of the deep heart, beautiful goddess whose true radiance would blind mortal eyes, whose steps fall softly in the golden halls of storied Olympos.

In silks your fair form is draped, O Hera, heavy with jewels is your crown, the sweetest of perfumes surround you; in ancient times you received the highest honors, the finest of offerings were ever yours, your shining temples stood across the land.

Hera, defender of cities, protector of marriage, champion of the love that upholds a family, that cherishes a child, you are the friend of those who hold the household dear.

Queen of the heavens, holder of the lotus staff, the poppy and the pomegranate have you in hand.

Hera, supreme in dignity and grace, unsurpassed in goodness and kindness, I praise you.


3rd Prayer to Hera

I praise you bright and noble Hera, great lady of Olympos, gracious queen of the deathless gods, dark-eyed goddess, fairest of the children of Rhea, graceful and comely, cloaked in the starry skies, garlanded in poppies fragrant and blood-red, crowned in brightest gold, the lotus wand in your hand, your form ever draped in the finest of silks, majestic one whose blessing is sought by all, whose gifts are treasured, whose favor is a surety of good fortune.

Hera, champion of great cities, gurardian of ancient Argos and the pretty isle of Samos, warder of the bounds of marriage, protector of women in the old world and the new, unparalleled goddess, white armed one, sovereign of the high-reaching heavens, I honor your might.