This is from my old blog, the Geekie Hellenist. Enjoy.

These are the three prayers to Hermes. I got them from the book ‘In Praise of Olympus: Prayers to the Greek Gods’ by Hearthstone.

1st Prayer to Hermes

Hermes, wise one, clever one, with wit to find your way through any venture, herald of great Zeus, messenger of the gods, god of connection, god of information, god of the spoken word, persuasive one, deceptive one, sly and artful god of schemes, with craft and guile you work your wiles, your cunning as sharp as any sword and quicker by far.

In any land, in any age, your people prosper; in any land, in any age, you find a place; in any setting, you belong.

Hermes, who guides the traveler to safety, who guards the threshold of the home, who joins with us in celebration, who heads the banquet table, Hermes, friend of humanity, I honor you.

2nd Prayer to Hermes

Keen-minded Hermes, light-fingered one, light-footed one, quick and cunning, bright and merry, ever watchful, ever agile, ever sharp of wit.

The wings at your feet carry you to any landing-place, in any realm; wearing the cap of Aidoneus, you tarry, unseen by mortal mane. Wielder of the golden sword, player on the shepherd’s pipe, god of herdsmen, god of thieves, god of cities and of pastures, rustic and urbane, you walk the line between contradictions. Hermes of the borderland, Hermes of the threshold, god of the uncertain, consistent and contrary, you stand in the doorway, you stand at the edge; the knife-sharp boundary between two worlds is yours.

Hermes, child of rich-tressed Maia and thundering Zeus, I thank you for your many gifts, I praise your might.

3rd Prayer to Hermes

Hermes of the ready wit and the lightening smile, wing-footed one who carries the words of the gods, compassionate one who guides the newly-dead to the hall of Hades and fair Persephone, quick-thinking one who takes interest in the world and works of mankind, whose hand we see in a run of luck or a clever scheme, I call to you.

Hermes, bearer of the herald’s staff, your gifts are great.

You guard our homes with constancy and car, you grant to us a portion of your own craft and wile, you join with us when we revel and are merry, you stand with us when we are far from home, alone.

You are ever with us, O Hermes; O god who holds in hand the good of men, I honor you.