Libations to Ares (November)

This is from my old blog.

This is my ritual for the Libations to Ares. Hope that you all have a good one and may Ares watch over you.

1) Purify the Altar area.

2) Take the barley and say, “As it was done in ancient times. I purify and cleanse this altar with this barley. With this barley I purify this altar and space so that I may give offerings, libations, and speak with glory and respect the gods of Mt. Olympus.”

3) Light a candle and say a hymn to Hestia.

Hestia, you who guard the sacred shrine of the Lord Apollon. The far-darter at goodly Pathos. With soft oil dripping ever from your locks. Come now to this house, come having one mind with Zeus the all wise-draw near, and with all bestow favor upon my song.”

Prayer to Hestia

Hestia, gracious goddess who sits at the heart of each home, who lives in the heart of each one who reveres you, each one who holds you dear, each one who turns to you for strength and harmony.

Hestia, goddess most needful, goddess most serene, goddess most esteemed, the heart of the city is yours as well, great goddess; within your realm are those who serve the state, who work for all the good of all–your blessings fall on the honest, goddess, your wrath on the corrupt, on those who betray their trust for gain. Defender of the householder, guardian of the hearthfire, Hestia, I praise and honor you.

4) Let Ares know that your here, use his titles, remind him of past offerings (if any) that you’ve given him and let him know why your here.

5) Do a invocation to Ares.

I call to Ares, strong one, swift one, clever one, god of the impulse, god of the moment, god of the hunch and the quick reaction, god of the battle, god of the fight. Ares, son of thundering Zeus and dark-eyed Hera, few were your temples, few were your shrines, for those who held you dearest had a grave need indeed for your favor–the field of battle was your temple, the blood of the slain a final offering. From the north you came, O bold-spirited Ares; in far-flung Thrace you made your home, the Spartans and the men of Macedon revered you. Ares, granter of courage, granter of strength, granter of the will to endure, friend of the wronged and of the vengeful, O Ares, I call to you.

6) Say a Prayer to Ares.

Ares, bright-armored bearer of spear and shield, son of noble Zeus and wise and watchful Hera, beloved of deep-hearted Aphrodite, father of fear, father of sweet harmony, in all the realms no one knows more the depths and heights to which necessity may drive mankind.

Fair of form you are, O Ares strong of arm and fleet of foot, clever in the ways of strife, ever-wary defender of the city gate, granter of the sense that keeps safe the soldier, holder of the hearts of those in direst need. Dear to you are war dogs and carrion-birds, beasts that feed on blood and carnage, that flourish in the barren fields of battle. Ares, savior of cities, shaker of spears, bright-helmed one who lends strength to the weak, courage to the fearful, will to the clouded and vengeance to the wronged, I thank you for your gifts, I honor your calling.

7) Sing a hymn to Ares

Ares, exceeding in strength, chariot-rider, golden-helmed, doughty in heart, shield-bearer, Saviour of cities, harnessed in bronze, strong of arm, unwearying, mighty with the spear, O defence of Olympus, father of warlike Victory, ally of Themis, [5] stern governor of the rebellious, leader of righteous men, sceptred King of manliness, who whirl your fiery sphere among the planets in their sevenfold courses through the aether wherein your blazing steeds ever bear you above the third firmament of heaven; hear me, helper of men, giver of dauntless youth! [10] Shed down a kindly ray from above upon my life, and strength of war, that I may be able to drive away bitter cowardice from my head and crush down the deceitful impulses of my soul. Restrain also the keen fury of my heart which provokes me to tread [15] the ways of blood-curdling strife. Rather, O blessed one, give you me boldness to abide within the harmless laws of peace, avoiding strife and hatred and the violent fiends of death.

8) Pour libations to Ares. Remember: Hestia gets first and last libations.

9) Burn Incense.

10) Pray or meditation to Ares.

11) End the ritual by saying, “Hestia, goddess of home and hearth, to you I offer last of all as a pious mortal should. Tend to those whom I love and guard the houses of the pious. As the gods will it, so it shall be.”

It is so!

Dump the entire container that you’ve poured your wine or grape juice into outside and then that ends it.