Late Post: Kronia (2017)

This one is late as well, and I’m sorry about that. This one is the first Hellenic holiday of the new year and it’s Kronia, which honors the Greek god Cronos. If anyone knows about the myth he defeated his father and became ruler of the Titans. However, he was told that one of his children would overthrown him and so he swallowed all of them except for Zeus, who was the child that ended up overthrowing him.

Known as the god of time he is popular today as the symbol of the end of the year. I hope that you all had a good one.

Athenian Month of Hekatombaion Begins

This is the first Athenian Month of the year and here’s the observances and festivals.

June 24: Nourmia

June 25: Agathos Daemon

June 26: Honoring Athena

June 27: Honoring Aphrodite, Hermes, Heracles, Eros

June 29: Honoring Artemis

June 30: Honoring Apollon

July 1: Honoring Poseidon and Theseus

July 5: Kronia

July 8: (Daylight) Libations to Athena

July 9: (Full Moon) Honoring Hecate, Artemis, and Selene/Sunoikia

July 16-23: Panathinaia

July 21: Athena’s birth

July 23: Hea Kai Nea (New Moon, Honoring Hecate)

Enjoy your month.

Last Day of the Month/ Hea Kai Nea

Tonight is the last night of the month, and year, and it’s to Zeus and Athena. Last year I honored them but not Hecate. This year, however, I will do a small ritual to all three. The year is over when the sun goes down and the next day will be a new month and year. I hope that your Athenian year has been good and well. Let’s hope that the coming year will be just as good.

Being Excluded From The Pagan Community

To say that the pagan community and the polytheistic communities are two separate communities would be a gross understatement. However the pagan community, which defines what a pagan is, is considered by many in the polytheistic community as a mega religion. They are the ones that media goes to around Halloween and talks to and they have the  most videos about.

In reality they have become just as bad as the religions that they have left, using Evangelical Christianity as the real example as it fits them perfectly. If anyone goes against what they believe, their dogma view, they attack them. The rise of polytheism, and the rejection of the word ‘pagan’ means exclusion from the pagan community, which is fine with most. However, this exclusion means that our presence is limited to events that are only for polytheistic members.

Pagan Pride is only those that call themselves pagan and want to be around those that identity as pagan. They forget what the word pagan means and how it reminds those that reject the labor what the church did to their ancestors. Pagan will always be connected to the word genocide. You can’t reclaim a name that has such a bloody past, which is a affront to those that suffered.

Even today the church still uses the word ‘pagan’ as an insult and slur to continue their attack on those that still honor gods like Zeus and Athena. The proper name is Hellenic Polytheist, not pagan or neopagan. Activities during pagan pride show that the event is only for pagans that worship the earth, view the gods as archetypes, and practice magic. Groups that come to sell their things are all in the same circle and events reinforce these beliefs. I only have seen one time that anything polytheistic was given coverage.

Modern pagans hate having to share space with polytheists, looking down on those that view the gods that were viewed long ago, going as far as arguing with polytheists about the most important goddess in Hellenistic practices, Hecate. She’s viewed as a crone goddess by neopagans and they argue about her ancient position as a maiden goddess. They will point out about Medea as proof that she isn’t a maiden goddess which is a weak argument.

Neopagans accept anything as fact. And they don’t question it. Even when it’s out there. We accept things as fact only when it’s been proven. Our rituals are done for reason and based on what the ancients did. We want to have our temples but those will happen in due time. We aren’t interested in modern paganism or Wicca. However we have to stick around to help those out that become disenchanted with Wicca and neopagan nonsense.