Delphic Maxims #49: Choose what is divine

I’m not sure what this one means and I’ll leave it at that.


The Athenian Month of Puanepsion Begins

When the sun goes down the new Athenian month begins. I had a great New Moon and I enjoyed honoring the Theio. Here are the holidays and festivals.

September 21: Noumina

September 22: Honor Agathos Daemon

September 23: Honor Athena

September 24: Honor Aphrodite, Hermes, Heracles, Eros

September 26: Honor Artemis/Proirosia

September 27: Honor Apollon/Puanepsia

September 28: Honor Poseidon and Theseus/Thesire/Oskhophoria

September 29: Stenia

October 1-4: Thesmophoria

October 4: Sacrifices to Heroines

October 5: Full Moon (Honoring Selene, Hecate, and Artemis)

October 9-12: Apaturia

October 14: (Daylight) Libations to Poseidon

October 18: Khalkeia

October 19: Hea Kai Nea (New Moon, Honoring Hecate)


Have a good month.

Delphic Maxims #45: Give What You Have

This is the next one and it talks about giving what you have. This reminds me of a story about a rich man that asked Jesus about how does he follow him. He said sell everything and follow me. Give what you have means helping others and using what you have to help them. At least that’s what I view it as. Of course the gods don’t want you to end up poor so give what you can and help him, or her, get back on their feet.