Athenian Month of Elaphebolia Begins

When the sun goes down the new Athenian month begins. This list is based on the Hellenion calendar that my group follows. Hope that you have a blessed one and that the gods continue to bless you.

March 19: Nourmenia

March 20: Agathos Daemon

March 21: Honoring Athena

March 22: Honoring Aphrodite, Hermes, Heracles, Eros

March 24: Honoring Artemis


March 25: Honoring Apollon

March 26: Honoring Poseidon and Theseus


March 28-April 5: City Dionysia

March 31: Full Moon (Honoring Selene and Hecate)

April 4: Pandia

April 14: (Daytime) Libations to Artemis

April 16: Hekate’s Deipnon


I hope that everyone has a good month.


Athenian Month of Anthesterion Begins

When the sun goes down the new Athenian Month will begin. Here’s the calendar of events and this is based on my Hellenion calendar.

February 17: Nourmenia

February 18: Agathos Daemon

February 19: Honoring Athena

February 20: Honoring Aphrodite, Hermes, Heracles, Eros

February 22: Honoring Artemis

February 23: Honoring Apollon

February 24: Honoring Poseidon and Theseus

February 27-March 2: Anthesteria

March 1: Full Moon-Honoring Selene and Hecate

March 8-15: Lesser Mysteries

March 10: Libations to Hephaistos

March 11: Diasia

March 18: Hecate’s Deipnon

Have a good month and may the gods bless you.

No Libation Month Posted and Package Arrived From Hellenion

Last Saturday was the Libations to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. I didn’t post mine because I was just so dead tired from working and I just didn’t have the energy. On another note, I got my package from Hellenion and I’m a member until September 5, when I have to renew. Haven’t had a chance to check it all out, but I’m going to do that on Sunday.

On another note, following the Hellenion calendar, I honored Hecate. Looking forward to the new month.