This is the Invocation to Aphrodite. Hope that this helps.

I call to Aphrodite, goddess without peer, daughter of the deep sea, daughter of the broad sky, foam-borne goddess, golden goddess, holder of hearts, inspiration of desire both carnal and refined. Mender of torn bonds, renewer of old loves, your promise a flame we cannot help but touch, your power a torrent we cannot withstand, your will a need we cannot resist. Goddess, with sorrow and with fury, with patience and with compassion, with pain and with delight, we follow you, for in your realm the risk is great, and on your path the stones do shift, and in your bower the thorns draw blood, but in your hands we know of love, and ah, the blessings you bestow exceed the agonies by far. Aphrodite, dearest goddess, I honor you.