This is from my old blog, the Geekie Hellenist. Enjoy.

This is the Evocation to Ariadne, Dionysus wife. I got this from the book ‘In Praise of Olympus’ by Hearthstone. Hope that you enjoy it.

I call to Ariadne, daughter of noble Minos and shining Pasiphae, grandchild of bright Helios, beloved bride of ivy-wreathed Dionysos who bore you to Olympos and made you his wife, by Zeus’ hand deathless and forevermore young, to stand in the company of the blessed gods. On ancient Crete were you born, Ariadne, there did you take your first breath; on Naxos’ shore did you begin your true existence at Bacchus’ side; with him were you honored with feasts and processions, with him did you join the dance of maenad and satyr. In days still older, Ariadne, days so bygone their stories shift like sand in the surf, in those days too were you lauded, did you receive gifts of sweet honey. Ariadne, full-hearted and wise, I call to you.