This is from my old blog, the Geekie Hellenist.

This is the invocation to Eros. Hope that this helps.

I call to Eros, ancient one, child of chaos, child of love and of strife, kin of the deep earth, companion of laughter-loving Aphrodite. Eros, confounding one, fleet-footed bearer of shafts so sharp we scarcely feel the prick, and yet no cut do we feel so deeply. Eros, in Thespia and in Parios were you much honored; in all the lands did men and women speak your name with hope and reverence, burning sweet incense and pouring out wine. All know your might, O Eros; all know the barbs of your blessed darts, all know the pain of such a wound; and all would sooner be your prey than seek to dodge your bolt. Eros, granter of the dearest gifts, clouder of senses, piercer of hearts, loosener of limbs, I call to you.