This is my invocation to Gaia, the Earth Mother. Enjoy it and I got it from the book “In Praise of Olympus’ by Hearthstone.

I call to Gaia, broad-bosomed mother of all; from Chaos were you born, goddess, first among the gods. Mighty Ouranos you made, gentle Gaia, to be your mate, to father your many offspring. Great are your children, mother of Titans, mother of giants, each one dear to your great heart. In every province you receive due honors, for every city you provide a steady seat. Gaia, you stand witness to the oaths of men, you give your counsel with the voice of the seer, your vengeance falls on those who profane the ground with blood wrongly shed. Within you lie the honored dead who receive, with you, libations of sweet wine; within you lie the roots and seeds that bring us all to life. Gaia, I call to you.