Here are the titles to Aphrodite. I hope that you enjoy them and they help you understand here more than what is shown in Neo-pagan contexts. She does have a ton of titles and I think as many as Zeus has. I get these from ‘Old Stones, New Temples by Drew Campbell.’


Aligenia [Sea Born]

Ambologera [She Who Postpones Old Age]

Anaduomene [Rising from the Sea]

Androphonos [Killer of Men]

Anosia [Unholy]

Apostrophia [She Who Turns Herself Away]

Areia [of Ares]

Basilis [Queen]

Eleemon [Merciful]

Enoplios [Bearing Weapons]

Epipontia [On the Sea]

Epitragidia [She Upon the Buck]

Epitumbidia [She Upon the Graves]

Euplois [ Fair Sailing]

Genetullis [Genetrix]

Hera [Hera]

Heteira [Courtesan]

Kallipugos [of the Beautiful Buttocks]

Khruse [Golden]

Kupris [Cyprain]

Kuprogenes [Cyprus-born]

Kuthereia [Kytherean]

Melainis [Black]

Morpho [Shapely, of Various Shapes]

Ourania [Heavenly  of Ouranos]

Pandemos [of All People]

Pasiphaessa [the Far-Shining]

Pelagia [of The Sea]

Philomeides [Laughter-Loving]

Porne [Prostitute]

Skotia [Dark]

Summaknia [Ally in War]

Tumborukhos [Gravedigger]