These are the titles for Apollon. I’m using this wording instead of his Roman name ‘Apollo.’ Once again I get all my info from the book ‘Old Stones, New Temples’ by Drew Campbell.


Agreus [Hunter]

Aguieus [Guardian of the Streets]

Aigletes [Radiant]

Akesios [Healer]

Alasiotas [of Cyprus]

Alexikakos [Who Wards off Evil]

Apotropaios [Averter of Evil]

Aristaios [Best]

Arkhegetes [Leader of Colonies]

Daphnephoros [Bay Bearer]

Delios [Delian]

Delphinios [of the Dolphins]

Epikourios [Helper, Ally]

Genetor [Begetter, Ancestor]

Hekatos [Striking from Afar]

Hersos [Newborn, Divine Child]

Iatros [Doctor]

Ismenios [of Ismenos]

Karneios [of the Karneia]

Kitharodos [Singer to the Lyre]

Kourotrophos [Protector of Youth]

Leukatas [unknown]

Loxias [the Oblique]

Lukeios [of the Wolf]

Maleatas [name of the local healing god]

Mousagetes [Leader of the Muses]

Nomios [Herdsman, Shepherd]

Paian [alternate name]

Parnopios [unknown]

Patroos [of the Fathers Ancestral]

Phoibos [Bright, forename]

Puthios [Pythian, Slayer of Pytho]

Smintheus [Sminthean, of the mouse]