This is from my old blog, the Geekie Hellenist. Enjoy.

These are the titles for Artemis. I got them from the book ‘Old Stones, New Temples’ by Drew Campbell. I hope that you like them and they help you better understand this goddess.

Agrotera [of the Wilderness]

Cedreatis [Ceder]

Dephnaia [of the Bay Laural]

Eukleia [Glorious]

Hegemone [She Who Leads]

Karytis [Chestnut?]

Keledeine (Sounding [of the Chase])

Kordaka (of the Kordax [a dance])

Koruthalia [Laural-Maiden]

Laphria [of the Hunt]

Leukophruene [White-Browed]

Limnatis [of the Marshes]

Lokhia [Protector in Childbirth]

Lygodesma [Willow]

Megale (Great [forename])

Ortheia [ alternate name]

Phosphoros [Lightbringer]

Potnia Theron [Mistress of Animals [alt. name]]

Puronia [Fiery]

Sosipolis [Savior of the City]

Soteira [Savior]

Tauropolos [Bull-Hunting]