This is from my old blog, the Geekie Hellenist. Enjoy.

These are the titles of Athena. I got them from the book ‘Old Stones, New Temples’ by Drew Campbell. I hope that you can use them and enjoy them.

Aglauros [Dewfall]

Agoraia [of the Market]

Aithuia [Sea Bird]

Alalkomena [Repeller of Danger, Parrier]

Alea [Protectress]

Apatouria [of the festival of Apatouria]

Areia [of Ares, Warlike]

Boulaia [of Council]

Ergane [Workerwoman]

Galaukopis [Grey-Eyed, Owl-Eyed]

Gorgopis [Gorgon-Eyed]

Hellotis [Broad-Faced]

Hephaistia [of Hephaistos]

Hippia [of Horses]

Hugieia [of Health Healer]

Itonia [of Itonos]

Khalinitis [of the Bridle]

Khalkioikos [Dwelling in a Brazen House]

Khrusa [Golden]

Kourotrophos [Protector of Youth]

Kranaie [Fulfiller]

Meter [Mother]

Nike [Victory]

Nikephoros [Victory-Bringing]

Pallas [forename]

Pandrosos [the All-Bedewing]

Parthenos [Maiden Virgin]

Phrutria [of the Phratry]

Poliakhos [City-Holding]

Polias [of the City]

Polumetis [of Many Council]

Promakhos [Champion]

Pronoia [Providence]

Salpinx [War-Trumpet]

Soteria [Savior]

Sthenias [Born of Lake Triton]