This is from my old blog, the Geekie Hellenist. Enjoy!

These are the titles for Dionysos,which I got from the book ‘Old Stones, New Temples’ by Drew Campbell. I hope that this helps you better understand this god.


Agrionios [Wild Savage]

Aigobolos [Goat-slayer]

Anthroporraistes [Slayer of men]

Ansenothelys [the Man-Womanly]

Bakkhos [the Shoot]

Bromios [Boisterous]

Dendrites [of Trees]

Dimetor [of Two Mothers]

Dissotokos [Double-Born]

Dithurambos [Dithyramb]

Dyalos [Hybrid]

Eleuthereus [Liberator]

Enorches [the Betesticled]

Eriphos [Young Kid]

Eulos [of the shout “Euio”]

Gynnis [Womanish]

Iakkhos [alternate Eleusinian name)

Kissos [Ivy]

Laphustios [Gluttonous]

Liknites [He of the Winnowing Fan]

Lusios [the Unbinder]

Meilikhios [Gentle]

Melanaigis [of the Black Goatskin]

Merorraphes [unknown]

Mustes [the Initated]

Nuktelios [of Night Festivals]

Omestes [Eater of Raw Flesh]

Omphakites [of the Unripe Grape]

Onthos [Erect]

Phloios [Tree Bark]

Polugethes [Giver of Much Joy]

Pseudanor [the Pseudo-Man]

Sykites [Fig]

Tauromorphes [Bull-Shaped]

Trigonos [Thrice-Born]

Zagreus [the Hunter]